Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Unable to lead a shelta-ed existence ...

Update (May 2014)
I bought another Shelta umbrella ... big mistake, since that one also broke after only a couple of uses.  And they still want me to make a two hour round trip to get it replaced.  Never again - from now on I'm buying cheap Chinese umbrellas (which is probably where Shelta gets theirs made anyway) and if they break, at least I'll only be out of pocket by few dollars instead of over $30.

Original post
See below ... love the customer service (not) ...

But there is a happy end to this story.  

I decided that a round trip of 2 hours approx to take the faulty item back to the manufacturer/importer was not something I wanted to do, more so given that I don't actually have the receipt.

So I hunted in ebay for a replacement and found one.  But I messaged the seller and asked her to open up the umbrella first, to make sure it was OK, since my experience with Shelta had so far been not exactly positive.

And to my extreme surprise, the seller replied, firstly apologising for taking a whole day to get back to me (it was the weekend for goodness sake - I certainly didn't expect any sort of response for a few days at least) and secondly, to say that if I got the faulty item back to her with $7 to cover postage, she would replace it free of charge.  Now remember, this is a seller from whom I not actually bought anything, ever.

How about that for knock-out customer service ?

Here is her ID for anyone interested ... balloonsandstuff

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: RE: Faulty umbrella
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:48:34 +1100
From: Diane Stephens <d.stephens@shelta.com.au>
Reply-To: <d.stephens@shelta.com.au>
Organization: Shelta
To: <scott@nulinkanalytics.com.au>

Good Morning

Sorry to hear about your umbrella, as you are unsure of the place of purchase, we would require that you bring or send you umbrella back to Shelta in Hallam
For assessment/repair.  Please note that the terms of our warranty require you to produce your proof of purchase/receipt for warranty claims

Diane Stephens

2/25 Conquest Way
Hallam Vic 3803
Phone: 03 9702 3377
Fax:       03 9708 6779

From: Scott MacLean [mailto:scott@nulinkanalytics.com.au]
Sent: Tuesday, 12 November 2013 4:34 PM
To: p&hvic@shelta.com.au
Subject: Faulty umbrella


I received a nice new Shelta Umbrella for my birthday this week.

But the very first time I used it (today), one of the struts was bent and it wouldn't open properly.

It wasn't windy, and I got quite wet walking home from the station.

I have no idea where it was purchased, except that it was somewhere in Melbourne.

May I have a replacement please?

My address is:

Unit 3,
49 Head Street,
Brighton VIC 3186.

The design is the cats/piano keys black and white theme.

Kind regards,

Scott MacLean

    Scott MacLean, Director
      ABN 24 772 951 133
    T: +61 419 504 588

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