Monday, 9 September 2013

Still haven't attained my zenith ...

There's a NZ company, Formway, that has designed one of the best office chairs I have ever used - the 'Life' chair.

Compared to all that Herman Miller stuff, it's simply beautiful to look at* (a bit like contrasting a Kawasaki with a Ducati Monster - the former is all neat and clean, and the latter is all 'let's add another piece of piping because we forgot to do it properly the first time around').  It's also fabulous to sit on and work from.

So I ordered two Life chairs for my business, via my very talented designer Laura Shannon, some time in the middle of June. The only, repeat only way you can get these chairs is via the Oz/NZ distributor, Zenith Interiors, who describe themselves as providing ...

" ... innovative solutions for all work and commercial environments and aim to exceed the expectations of our customers. Service and performance via measurable goals have seen Zenith grow to become a leader in the Australian workstation and loose furniture market."

Now that may well be the case, but I am still waiting for delivery nearly three months after placing and paying for the order.  For two bog-standard-black (but, admittedly rather special) office chairs.

I don’t think that’s exceeding anyone’s expectations, let alone mine.

End of rant.

Update: 11 Sep 2013 - they finally arrived!  And I must say, they are worth the wait :-)

* Just to prove it, here is a picture of the Life chair followed by one of the Herman Miller 'equivalent' chairs ...


  1. I'll let the Herman Miller bashing slide, and hop straight to my condolences. What a pain!

    On the other hand, you can be thankful that you don't live in the UK, where people have been dragged through the courts on libel allegations for far less. Hope they turn up soon!