Tuesday, 15 December 2015

ANZ's new website ... how to really annoy customers

It appears that ANZ has somehow got the idea that they know best ... did they do no useability testing at all?

Me (to ANZ):

Please please revert your website back to the old one. The new one is a disaster. It takes 3 times as long to do anything, because it's always "waiting for www.banking4.anz.com" For running my business and personal accounts, it's now pretty much unusable from a desktop PC. 

ANZ (to me):

We appreciate your feedback.
The new ANZ Internet Banking design was made to reflect the changing banking needs of our customers, and has a consistent feel across eligible desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We understand that you enjoyed the previous ANZ Internet Banking design and we hope that you will experience the benefits of our new design in time.
Unfortunately we are unable to revert customers to the previous ANZ Internet Banking design.


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