Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Valid use of NPS? You be the judge.

I recently had cause to phone the Fairfax help line, to try and work out why I couldn't log in to my online account on 'The Age' website.

The advisor I spoke to was quite helpful, so no complaints there.

But I then received the following from the Fairfax organisation ...

Answering this question poses a number of problems:

  • Do I assume that my friends and colleagues have asked me for a recommendation concerning The Age, or am I just volunteering an opinion out of the blue?
  • What's the context, i.e. is it for business news coverage, sport, political commentary, etc.?  Which one (or ones)?
  • Is the recommendation sought for the online edition of The Age, or is it for the print version?

NPS can be a helpful metric, but the underpinning question needs to be framed carefully, and take full account of the context in which it is asked.

A better (but not perfect) question in this case might have been something along the lines of:

"Based on your (recent) service experience, if they asked you for your opinion would you be more or less likely to recommend the online edition of The Age newspaper to friends or colleagues, or does it make no difference to what you would say to them?"

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