Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Another quick word ...

Back in February, I very briefly reviewed the Wordle™ idea and Garreth Chandler’s new option .

Since then I’ve been playing some more on the Wordle™ site and noticed a link to yet another alternative at .

And this one is rather nice.  In the words of the authors, their approach … deals in concepts, not words. A concept is a collection of words that is automatically discovered from the text.  Further, it… provides more visualisations than just the concept cloud (our concept cloud is visually similar to the Wordle output but uses more advanced text analytics underneath).”

So I thought I would try it out for the text on my own website, as I had already done with  Here’s the Wordle™ result redone, for reference, followed by three alternative representations from .

I honestly don’t know which I prefer.  The Wordle™ obviously emphasises individual words.  The textisbeautiful format emphasises what it deems to be individual themes, and there appear to be far fewer themes than words on my website.  Maybe I am shallower than I think?

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  1. Heaps better than wordle in terms of colours and themes too.