Monday, 11 February 2013

A quick word ...

A few years ago, Wordles™ were a popular means of presenting lots of open-ended text.  Here’s an example developed using the text on my own website.

I still think Wordles can be pretty cool.

But now, along has come the new, even cooler, version known as Wordyup™. 

Developed by Garreth Chandler and his team at Twist of Lime, Wordyup “ … turns the usual 1000's of open ended responses on a survey into real insights with dynamic key word analysis quickly, easily and what's more ... it's fun!”

And more to the point, as Garreth says, he “… can't stop playing with it...”

Have a look for yourselves: and let me know what you think.  Better still, let Garreth know what you think. 

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